The singer dressed up long ago as a clown and as "sugar-full bubblegum"
Credit: Courtesy Pink

Clowning around is nothing new for Pink.

The pop star, 33, used Wednesday’s holiday as an excuse to bring out some of the most memorable Halloween costumes from her childhood.

“It wasn’t Bob Mackie, but it was pretty fabulous,” she wrote in a caption that accompanied one of the shots she posted on Instagram. “I was always a clown!!!!”

Her friends must have also been a fan of the colorful costume, because an additional picture shows a young Pink next to a clown with a caption that reads, “Me and my childhood bestie Lane:) I was Mademoiselle Moore.”

Another photo shows Pink dressed in an orange and white wrapper with the words, “sugar-full bubble gum” written on it.

“This must’ve been my interpretation of Madonna,” she writes to accompany another shot with a pal.

Pink, now a mom to Baby Willow, is apparently still a big fan of Halloween. She recently Tweeted a photo of a monstrous, hand-carved jack-o-lantern.