By Maria Yagoda
Updated October 28, 2015 05:10 PM

Despite what society would have you believe, going out on Halloween is, well, exhausting. (It’s okay, you’re safe here – we can talk about this freely.)

If you’re more of the stay-in and eat-snacks-off-your-stomach type of person, why not consider bypassing the Halloween mayhem entirely and curling up with some old-school Halloween movies?

So, put your heels back in that part of your closet that you can’t quite reach and slip into some sweatpants. Then, watch all of these Halloween gems, including such classics as Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus and Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, and feel good about your choices.

1. Halloweentown (1998)

Oh, what we would give to live here. Candy year-round.

2. Casper Meets Wendy (1998)

Hillary Duff’s most daring work to date.

3. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Don’t mind us. We’ll just be watching on repeat until the sequel comes out.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Christmas + Halloween = Double the holidays, double the thrills.

5. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

This nostalgia watch is best enjoyed with ample pumpkin beer, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin popcorn, pumpkin vodka and pumpkin tortilla chips. (All things that really, truly exist.)

6. Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire (2000)

We attribute the current vampire craze to this cinematic masterpiece.

7. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (1997)

Made-for-TV movies are not what they used to be.