The annual event is set to open its doors in downtown Los Angeles in October

By Tomás Mier
September 28, 2018 03:35 PM

Anna Kendrick visits Creep LA mazes asking for A Simple Favor: to be given the scariest experience.

The annual event — which has welcomed the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Lautner and more — is returning this Halloween with their newest show “Awake” (previewed in a video shared exclusively with PEOPLE above).

The 75-minute walk-through takes visitors through “an altered world where nightmares become reality,” according to a press release.

Credit: Hatbox Photography
Credit: Hatbox Photography

“Probably one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in LA entertainment,” Kendrick, 33, wrote on Instagram about the experience two years ago. “If you want to do something unique this fall: run don’t walk. So blown away and happy for the whole cast and crew!”

Running from Oct. 5 to Nov. 4 this year, the show’s creators aim to make guests feel like they’re truly inside a horror movie where a dream is “so real it feels like you’re AWAKE.”

“We seek those moments of suspense, fear and surprise,” said Justin Fix, a creator and producer for the show, in a statement. “Guests question what they’ve gotten themselves into. And this year we’re bringing nightmares to reality for a city of dreamers.”

Credit: Hatbox Photography
Credit: Hatbox Photography
Creep LA
| Credit: Hatbox Photography

Creep LA is notable for its intimacy as only 25 visitors engage in the drama-and horror-filled experience during each show. This year, JFI Productions, the creatives behind the project, joined forces with Mousetrappe, a design agency known for creating cinematic experiences.

Fans of horror will be able to visit the attraction in downtown Los Angeles and are now able to reserve tickets for the experience through CREEP LA’s website.