But will anyone be brave enough to attempt the infamous meat dress?
Credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage; Anita Bugge/WireImage

Lady Gaga and Snooki sightings will run rampant across the country this Halloween.

Gaga, known for her outrageous outfits and killer heels, is the No. 1 most-requested celebrity Halloween costume in America, followed by the guidos and the guidettes of The Jersey Shore.

Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore have been our top sellers,” said an employee at the novelty store Ricky’s NY. “Of the Shore cast, Snooki has been the top. Everyone is coming in to find black wigs and Bump-Its.”

Adds Kristin Stroud of Campus Costume in Bloomington, Ind., “A lot of people have been buying orange body paint from us for their Snooki costume.”

With many wacky Gaga outfits to choose from, expect lots of leather leotards, artistic headpieces, fishnets, and – for the daring trick or treaters – possibly a spin on the infamous meat dress worn by the singer at the 2010 VMAs.

“We also sold a lot of Lady Gaga accessories. The sunglasses were the top seller,” said sales associate Shavon Henry of Party City in Dallas.

Another pop princess on the scene this Halloween is Katy Perry. The newlywed’s blue wig worn in her California Gurls video is especially popular – as are The Town nun masks and Toy Story characters.

Reporting by ISLEY KASICA