Halle Berry's Boyfriend Does His Daddy Research

Gabriel Aubry's been reading the baby books and practicing what not to say

Photo: Dave Allocca/AP

In between pampering his pregnant his girlfriend Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry has been brushing up on parenting books as the couple get set for the arrival of their baby.

“I’ve been in preparation mode for five months,” Aubry, 31, tells Extra. “I’ve read a lot of books.”

Any recommendations? “There’s a good one that Dr. Phil did [titled] Family First,” he says. “Great book. I recommend it.”

Aubry has been on top of his expectant-father responsibilities for a while now, telling PEOPLE in September that he’s been massaging Berry’s feet and satisfying her food cravings.

He also told PEOPLE this week that he’s been talking to the baby. “[I] talk in the mic in her bellybutton … that’s what we call it,” he said Thursday.

And he offers some more words of wisdom from the trenches for dads-to-be, telling Extra: “Don’t say she’s fat.”

Berry, 41, is due in early 2008.

Aubry was in New York on Thursday night for Wilhemina’s 40th anniversary party. He works for the agency as a model.

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