Villa Azur will feature a French and Italian-inspired menu, as well as a VIP dining room and wine cellar

By Linda Marx
February 21, 2012 07:00 AM
Courtesy Tai Hospitality Group; Inset: David Livingston/Getty

Halle Berry‘s beau Olivier Martinez has been spending so much time in Los Angeles with the Oscar winner that he hasn’t visited Miami for months. But that will change early next month, when the French actor opens a restaurant on South Beach.

“I love the interesting and international people I have met in Miami,” Martinez tells PEOPLE. “So when my friend Michael Martin said he found a space for a restaurant and lounge where we could bring in the best aspects from the South of France, I was excited and wanted to get involved.”

Together with restaurateur Jean-Phillippe Bernard, the partners are opening Villa Azur, featuring the seasonal ingredients and international flavors of Saint-Tropez, where Martinez and Martin have spent many late nights enjoying fine food and wine.

“Olivier and I love Miami and want to bring the glamour and allure of the South of France to this melting pot of a town,” Martin says.

The menu will be French and Italian-inspired and feature entrees such as penne pasta with vodka and caviar cream sauce, or a veal filet mignon stuffed with artichokes, tomatoes and cheese.

The bar and lounge boasts a library with art and design books, as well as couches for guests to sip champagne and share plates of oysters with caviar and Olivier’s special olive bread, which he enjoys in France.

Designed by Francois Frossard, the restaurant will be outfitted in antique woods and chandeliers with both contemporary and old pine furniture.

La Cave d’Azur, the intimate private dining room and wine cellar, will seas 12 VIPs and offer nearly 200 choices of hand picked wines.

Says Martin: “Olivier knows that we are doing something special together where people can get a touch of Saint-Tropez glamour in South Beach.”