The actress tells Jay Leno about falling for her beau of four years

By Amy Keith
Updated September 18, 2009 07:45 PM
Credit: Dave Allocca/AP

After dishing about 1-year-old daughter Nahla on The Jay Leno Show Thursday, Halle Berry fessed up to being smitten with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry after spotting him on a bus.

A model taking the bus? Gasp!

“He wasn’t riding on the bus, he was on the side of the bus, you know, he’s a model,” Berry, 43, clarified. “I saw the picture and I just thought, hmm.”

More like Mmm-Hmm. When Berry met Aubry, 34, three days later at a photo shoot, the two hit it off. “I just remember making a mental note of, ‘Wow, that’s a good-looking man,’ and then three days later, bam, there’s that good-looking man!

Now, the two are celebrating four years together, which Berry says is a big deal.

“Four years. The longest relationship I’ve ever had, yes, yes the longest one,” says Berry who has been married twice before. “For me, that’s good!”

The actress also shot down pregnancy rumors after photos of her surfaced covering her stomach with her purse. After greeting Jay on stage, she announced, “Pregnancy rumors can be put to bed!”