Olivier Martinez Felt 'Emasculated' by Halle Berry's Success, Source Says: How Career Issues Helped Doom Their Marriage

"He's not happy she's the breadwinner and he's emasculated," a source tells PEOPLE

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When Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez first met on the set of the film Dark Tide in 2010, they instantly became one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. She was one of the movies’ top leading ladies, and he was a prominent French actor making a name for himself in the United States.

But this week, they announced their divorce after two years of marriage, and sources tell PEOPLE that the couple’s diverging career paths were a factor in their split.

“Everything about her emasculated him: She was beautiful, iconic, employed and the breadwinner,” a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE. “They were living off of her and that entitled him and it enraged him – there was a duality there.”

During Berry and Martinez’s marriage, the actress stayed busy working in movies and TV, while Martinez struggled to get his footing in Hollywood. Throughout their marriage, Berry, 49, starred in a total of six films and a network TV series, while Martinez, also 49, had guest roles on four TV shows.

When they met on Dark Tide, Berry was a Hollywood sensation. She had a string of box-office hits under her belt including a role as Bond girl Jinx in Die Another Day and her recurring role as Storm in the X-Men franchise. She was also already an Oscar winner, making history in 2002 as the first African American to win Best Actress, for her role in Monster’s Ball.

During her marriage to Martinez, Berry won accolades for her performance in Frankie & Alice, snagging a Golden Globe nomination, as well as an African-American Film Critics Association Award. Despite some box-office duds, she also closed a splashy deal in 2014 to hit the small screen in CBS’s Extant, for which she was reportedly paid upwards of $100,000 per episode.

But sources tell PEOPLE Martinez was not a fan of her decision to star in the TV show in the wake of the birth of their son, Maceo-Robert.

“Olivier is complaining that he and Halle are not spending much time together and that she is working too much,” a source told PEOPLE just months before their split. “He never wanted her to sign on for [Extant] and Olivier was hoping they would focus on family time together after Maceo was born.”

According to Forbes, Berry’s net worth in 2012 was an impressive $70 million.

Meanwhile, Martinez struggled to take his acting career to the next level. After finding success in his native France, the actor made a splash in Hollywood with the 2002 erotic thriller Unfaithful, but his subsequent projects didn’t click with audiences. After permanently relocating to L.A. with Berry, he nabbed recurring guest roles on TV series including Revenge and Texas Rising.

According to the source close to the couple, Martinez felt threatened by Berry’s flourishing career.

“[Martinez] is not happy in the U.S. and he’s not happy with the state of his career,” the source said. “He’s not happy she’s the breadwinner.”

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