"I've loved every second of it," she says of morning sickness and hot sweats

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated December 01, 2020 06:23 PM
Credit: cpb/cnb/Finalpixx

For expectant mom Halle Berry, her current condition is all good – even the wardrobe.

“There’s no bad,” the Oscar winner, 41, said Sunday at a press gathering for her new movie, Things We Lost in the Fire, which opens Oct. 19.

“There is nothing bad about it. The morning sickness and the vomiting and the hot sweats. Nothing’s been bad about it. I’ve loved every second of it,” she said.

Holding up four fingers when asked how many months along she is, Berry also said, in response to a query about “maternity chic” and what she’s wearing these days, “I think I feel like I’m such a slave to fashion. It’s a hard concept for me to fathom that I’m going to have to wear maternity clothes.”

But, as she also sees it, “Fashion is on my side.” Indicating her empire waist, she adds, “Everything is up here and shift-y, so I think I can work it out in normal clothes with normal designers in their collections until the eighth or ninth month, then I might have to break down and do maternity.”

Having spoken to Oprah Winfrey on TV last week about how difficult it was for her to get pregnant, Berry says she’d like to expand her family even more.

“My age dictates it,” she says. “I need to be ready for more. … Not three, but two would be nice.”

Hot and Spicy Cravings

A few days earlier, at a New York screening of her movie – in which she plays a wife and mother of two who loses her husband (David Duchovny) in a random act of violence and then draws close to her husband’s best friend, a heroin addict played by Benicio Del Toro – Berry was asked what made her companion, Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, 32, “Mr. Right.”

“He’s a wonderful person, and I happened to find someone really special to have a baby with,” she said.

As for any strange food desires to go along with her pregnancy, she admitted, “I crave things daily. It changes every day, and I try to listen to my body and not overdo it so I don’t become too big.”

As for that day’s craving: “Hot and spicy peppercini!”


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