The marooned actress sends out a cry for help and maybe some wine

By Keisha Hatchett
Updated April 08, 2016 06:00 PM
Credit: Source: Halle Berry/Instagram

It seems like Halle Berry is making up for lost time.

The actress, who recently joined Twitter and Instagram, posted a hilarious video in which she appears marooned on an island. Flashing a humorous smile and a pair of lit sparklers, the 49-year-old enlisted comedian Ellen DeGeneres for some help and a few refreshments.

Ellen! Yo Girl! I am lost and I need some help, she said. Can you send me some help, girl? I don t know. Like some wine? Something?

The Extant star s call to arms couldn t have come at a better time. DeGeneres, 58, is set to reprise her role as Dory in the upcoming animated flick, Finding Dory. Much like Berry, the titular character is lost and calls on her friends for support in finding her way back home.

“She’s been lost for a long time, and she’s just tried to act like everything’s fine. And in this film, you see that it’s kind of like she’s taken a little bit of a – she’s paid a toll on it,” DeGeneres told PEOPLE. “She misses the fact that she has a family, and she realizes she has a family. And where are they? Did her parents give her away? Where is her family?”

Those questions will soon be answered when the film heads to theaters on June 17.