Halle Berry Broke Her Foot Chasing After a Goat

Hint: Her accident involved her daughter, a goat and some rocky Spanish terrain

Photo: Splash News Online; Inset: Getty

What do you get when you cross a goat with a preschooler and some rocky terrain?

In Halle Berry‘s case: a broken foot, unfortunately.

Berry, who is currently shooting Cloud Atlas in Spain, was photographed recently being escorted out of a hospital in a wheelchair with her right leg in a cast up to her knee.

She had broken her foot “walking in Majorca on a day off from filming,” according to a statement by Warner Bros.

But, a source tells PEOPLE, there was more to the story.

On Sept. 21, says the source, Berry was at her villa in Majorca and spotted her daughter Nahla, 3½, chasing a goat. A split second later, the three of them were scrambling across this little stretch of rocky countryside – Halle chasing her daughter and her daughter chasing a goat.

Finally, says the source, Berry caught up with Nahla, grabbed her little girl, started back to her villa – and that’s when she stumbled over a rock and broke her foot.

The actress is supposed to stay off her foot for three weeks, according to the source.

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