She "didn't mean to offend anybody" with a comment about her "Jewish cousin"

By Tim Nudd
Updated October 23, 2007 11:50 AM

Halle Berry has apologized after allegedly making a Jewish joke – which was then edited out for broadcast – at a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last Friday.

Berry was involved in a segment with Leno in which she showed computer-distorted photos of herself. According to the New York Post‘s Page Six, Berry showed one image in which she had a large, distorted nose and said, “Here’s where I look like my Jewish cousin!”

When the program aired later that night, the word “Jewish” was cut, and a laugh track was inserted in its place.

After she made the remark, Leno said, “I’m glad you said it.” Berry, 41, then said, “Oh my God, have I just like ruined my career?”

Later, Berry apologized, telling Page Six: “I so didn’t mean to offend anybody – and after the show I realized it could be seen as offensive, so I asked Jay to take it out, and he did,” Berry said.

She explained further: “What happened was, I was backstage before the show, and I have three girls who are Jewish who work for me. We were going through pictures to see which ones looked silly, and one of my Jewish friends said [of the big-nose picture], ‘That could be your Jewish cousin!’ And I guess it was fresh in my mind, and it just came out of my mouth. But I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I didn’t. I didn’t mean any harm.”

Berry and her boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, are expecting their first child in the spring.