Nancy Perales and Cecy Rios also credit Jenny Craig and P90X for their amazing transformations

By Wade Rouse
Updated December 26, 2014 05:55 PM

Nancy Perales and Cecy Rios – two of PEOPLE’s Half Their Size weight-loss winners – attribute dropping the denial as a big part of the reason the duo dropped a combined 255 lbs.

“I was in denial with myself for quite some time,” admitted Rios, who lost 152 lbs. “Maybe I put the jeans in the dryer a bit too long.”

Perales – who now weighs 104 lbs. – ditched chocolate (“I could eat any entire chocolate cake in one day,” she said), while Rios bid farewell to fast food (“If it had a drive-through, I was going through it,” said the busy mom.)

Rios, 32, credits P90X for her transformation, while Perales, 59, said Jenny Craig was “a huge success for me.”

Both now can’t wait for what life has in store.

“I can’t imagine what the future has,” said Rios. “That’s what keeps me motivated.”

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