Las Vegas oddsmakers are saying Gwyneth Paltrow is a shoo-in for the Best Actress Oscar, and have given the “Shakespeare in Love” star 10-1 odds. Conventional wisdom is putting her at the top of the list as well. And in her personal life, Gwyneth will be on the arm of her former beau Ben Affleck at the March 21 Oscarcast, says the New York Post, despite the couple’s highly publicized break-up toward the end of last year. (Her “roving eye” and his “party-hearty antics” were the causes, says the Post). Last month the two were sharing the same table at the Golden Globe awards, and this month the two were poking fun of their split on “Saturday Night Live.” According to the Post, “On Valentine’s Day, they sent each other flowers and … jewelry, and there have been reports of them hanging out together in New York, London and L.A.”

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