Gwyneth Shares Recipes for a 'Sexy' Valentine's Day Meal

Her menu includes oysters, artichokes and "very sexy" molten chocolate cake

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Who did Gwyneth Paltrow have in mind when she envisioned a dinner for two this Valentine’s Day? Husband Chris Martin?

Whoever is the lucky dinner partner, the Shakespeare in Love Oscar winner is sharing her tips and recipes for creating a romantic mood and meal.

“This menu was as fun to come up with as it is to eat,” she writes on her Web site.

Paltrow, 36, suggests serving up oysters (a reputed aphrodisiac), Cornish hens and artichoke hearts. And what’s Valentine’s Day without something sweet?

“The molten chocolate cakes are also quick and very sexy, oozing with chocolate on the plate,” she advises. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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