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October 06, 2008 02:30 PM

Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t greedy when it comes to London’s good eats.

In fact, the actress, 36, who spends the school year in the city with her family – husband/rocker Chris Martin, daughter Apple, 4, and Moses, 2 – is more than hungry – err, happy, to share her input on some of the London’s best restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

“Moving to a foreign city for part of the year has been incredible and continues to be a great experience, Paltrow writes in the latest edition of her GOOP newsletter. “When nothing is familiar, you are constantly observing, asking questions and discovering.”

Her favorite finds?

“I’m going to pull the trigger and declare [La Petite Maison] restaurant as my absolute favorite in London at the moment, she writes.

“It is based on the restaurant of the same name in Nice, so the food has a very southern French soul. Plates come small and to share, so you get a taste of many beautiful dishes The black leg roasted chicken is so good I started eating chicken again.”

And what better to wash down the fowl than a pint at one of London’s many pubs. Her favorite: The Grenadier on Wilton Row.

“I used to live in the crescent that this pub sits behind,” she writes. “It is tucked away in a cobblestone mews, and it has great beer and a fireplace.”

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