Son Moses is "our sensitive thug," says the mom, while daughter Apple is "very female"

By Stephen M. Silverman
April 29, 2008 11:10 AM

Video courtesy CBS
Apple and Moses Martin may have two famous parents – Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin – but when it comes to playtime, they fight just like anybody else’s kids.

“He just turned 2 last week,” the Shakespeare in Love Oscar winner, 35, told David Letterman on Monday’s Late Show. As for older sister Apple, “She’ll be 4 in May … it’s a very good age difference.”

At first stating the obvious – “Boys and girls are very fundamentally different, though, aren’t they?” – Paltrow went on to describe Apple as “quiet and she’s imaginative and she’s very verbal, and she likes to sit with her things and build houses and hotels for her dolls.”

Moses, on the other hand, “will just come in and thrash the hell out of anything she’s doing.” Added their mother, “If he can inflict pain on her while he’s thrashing, then even better.”

Not that he’s not doing anything beyond the pale. “He’s very sweet,” says Paltrow. “But we call him ‘our sensitive thug.’ It’s a line from a Jay-Z song, but it fits him perfectly.”

And Apple? “She’s kind of starting of give it back to him, in a very female, under-the-radar way.”

Paltrow also marveled at her daughter’s vocabulary, saying that Apple will inform her that she is being “antagonized” by Moses.

“Wow,” said Letterman. “Pretty good.”

All in all, summarized Paltrow, “I’m very proud.” Of being a parent, she observed, “It’s the best. It just makes life worth living.”