Gwyneth Paltrow Explains 'Conscious Uncoupling'

The actress forwards the teachings of lifestyle gurus who speak of the "wholeness of separation"

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When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced they are “consciously uncoupling,” the public reacted with a collective head-scratch followed by viral snickering.

As Twitter users joked they wanted to #consciouslyuncouple from everything from high-calorie muffins to the New York Knicks, the suddenly single actress leaped in to explain what she meant, posting a report on her Goop site from her lifestyle gurus.

It may be hard to find – her site crashed after announcing the separation from Chris Martin – but here’s what came from Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Sherry Sami:

“By choosing to handle your uncoupling in a conscious way, regardless of what’s happening with your spouse, you’ll see that although it looks like everything is coming apart; it’s actually all coming back together.”

The pair – he’s a physician, she’s a dentist – are a married (and presumably consciously coupled) team who spell it out in more detail in a 2,000-word article broken into six sections with headings like “End of Honeymoon,” “Intimacy & Insects” and “Wholeness in Separation”

Suggesting that divorces should be examined in light of people’s “skyrocketing life expectancy,” they suggest basic biology means “the idea of being married to one person for life is too much pressure for anyone.”

“Divorce is a traumatic and difficult decision for all parties involved and there’s arguably no salve besides time to take that pain away,” the spouses say. “However, when the whole concept of marriage and divorce is reexamined, there’s actually something far more powerful – and positive – at play.”

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