Gwyneth Paltrow's also announced the launch of its own imprint, Goop Press, on Tuesday

Credit: Sonia Moskowitz/Getty

During an appearance at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York City with Goop CEO Lisa Gersh on Tuesday, Paltrow said that her split from Chris Martin caused quite a stir online.

“At the time, I was like ‘Oh, my gosh.’ It was such a hard time personally, and then you have this added layer of all this criticism,” she told the audience of famously referring to the divorce as “conscious uncoupling,” according to Fast Company. “You look back, you think, well, this is actually kind of a good thing to talk about, introducing [the idea that] you could break up in a way where you remain a family, even if you’re not in a couple.”

Despite the Internet’s swift response to the unusual term, Paltrow said she’s still glad she used it.

“You look back and you think, you know, I really am glad that happened because it opened a discussion in terms of how maybe there’s a gentler way to do something like that,” the 43-year-old said.

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Tuesday brought other exciting news for the busy star: Goop will get its own imprint, Goop Press, at Grand Central Publishing, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The new Goop Press will publish one book a year with branding, and three other releases “sourced from Goop editors.”

According to the announcement, the first book will be Paltrow’s own cookbook It’s All Easy: Delicious Weekday Recipes for the Super-Busy Home Cook, due in stores in April 2016.

Can’t wait till next year for more Gwyneth-isms? Goop’s oft-talked-about holiday gift is landing on the site this Thursday. And as for some of the outlandish products included – Paltrow told Fast Company to relax, as most of it is just a joke.

“Sometimes we just like to have fun, and make fun of ourselves and put on [] some ridiculous thing just to make ourselves laugh.”