One of the biggest mysteries in the wake of the Oscars wasn’t how the Best Picture nod got away from Steven Spielberg, or even what possessed Mariah Carey to wear that dress. No, it’s “Who’s Nick?” PEOPLE Online’s Wendy Brandes reports that in the press room during Sunday night’s ceremony Gwyneth Paltrow was talking to reporters when suddenly a nearby cellular phone started ringing.” Would you like to get that?” Paltrow suggested — before she decided to answer the call herself. “Who is this, please?” she inquired before turning to the owner of the phone, a journalist named Jamie Campbell, and politely asking, “Are you available for Nick?” Campbell was. No word on whether or not Nick knew he had just spoken to the Best Actress of the Year.

  • Once she got off the phone, Paltrow was asked about Ben Affleck, her “Shakespeare in Love” costar and former beau, whose support she had obliquely acknowledged in her acceptance speech. Paltrow skirted the question, saying, “EVERYbody in the cast was really supportive. Everybody was incredibly loving.”
  • New York’s Daily News reports that Gwyneth’s “new best friend” is actor Scott Speedman, who stars on TV’s “Felicity” and who will co-star with Gwyneth in her new film “Duets,” in which he replaced Brad Pitt. “Mind you,” say the paper’s George Rush and Joanna Molloy, “Paltrow’s rep insists there’s no romance.”
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