A sibling for son Kingston is "in the itinerary," the singer tells Ellen DeGeneres

By Courtney Rubin
Updated February 09, 2007 04:00 PM

Gwen Stefani says she’s ready to have another baby – only this time, she’d rather not tour while she’s pregnant.

“It’s in the itinerary. I’m ready to go,” Stefani, 37, tells Ellen DeGeneres in an episode of DeGeneres’s talk show airing Friday.

Asked if she’s trying to space her kids a year or two apart, the mom of son Kingston, 8 months, says: “It’s not really up to me. I feel like it’s this big miracle and it’s all written out there, [but] hopefully not during the tour.”

Stefani’s two-month U.S. tour kicks off April 21 in Las Vegas. She announced she was pregnant with Kingston during a concert in 2005.

On that tour, “I was about four and a half months pregnant, which was totally not a good idea,” Stefani told MTV News in January. “I highly recommend not getting pregnant and going on tour! So if you’re thinking about going on tour, do not get pregnant.”

Stefani – who appears with Kingston (but not with husband Gavin Rossdale) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show – tells the host she’s the one doing late nights with the baby: “We have someone in the daytime that comes in, but at night that’s my job.”

“That’s my turn,” she explains. “It’s really hard but it’s actually fun. He’s not going to be this little – it goes so fast. It’s disgusting how fast it goes. So in the nights I just tell myself, enjoy it because it’s going to be over with.”