Gwen Stefani: Divorce 'Was Not in the Plan at All'

The singer calls her split a "horrible, crazy explosion" in her life

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty

Gwen Stefani appears to be doing better than ever these days, but getting to a positive place was a tough journey.

“Everybody knows pretty much what happened to me,” she told Elvis Duran and The Z100 Morning Show on Thursday. “I got a divorce, which completely was not in the plan at all.”

Calling her split from Gavin Rossdale a “horrible, crazy explosion,” the star says she wanted to go into the studio but was having trouble writing new music.

“I just had the baby, it was the time with Pharrell, I started The Voice,” she says about that period in her life. “I did ‘Baby Don’t Lie,’ which is interesting how those lyrics worked out to be like a precursor to the future.'”

One day, “I had to force myself to go to the studio because I really just wanted to be in bed crying and do what you do when you life falls apart and I didn’t,” she said. “I went to the studio and I was just convinced that I had to make something out of this.” (See her powerful performance of her emotional new single “Used to Love You” here.)

Coming out stronger after a rough year, “things are clear for the first time in a long time,” she says. “That feels really good.”

And while she’s going strong with boyfriend Blake Shelton, Stefani may also have a new cuddle buddy in the new year – a puppy!

“We’re getting a dog for Christmas,” she said. “Santa said that maybe we might be getting a dog. They send me videos and it’s in a bassinet and it’s so cute! It’s a little too much.”

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