The singer shared videos and photos from Blake Shelton's concert in Tennessee on Saturday night

By Lindsay Kimble
March 06, 2016 04:20 PM
Gwen Stefani/SnapChat

Gwen Stefani may not be technologically savvy, but she sure supports boyfriend Blake Shelton.

Standing in the audience for Shelton’s Bridgestone Arena concert in Nashville, Tennessee, Stefani documented most of the show on Snapchat – after some initial difficulty with the app.

Sharing photos from her prime location in the audience, Stefani posted selfies and wrote messages on the images shared to her story.

“Hi Snapchat,” she wrote, giving a peek at her perfectly coifed curls and red lip.

The 46-year-old’s videos of Shelton’s performance were notably silent at first, until Stefani noted, “I can’t figure out sound.”

Shortly after, the country singer’s crooning voice could be heard.

Now that she had the hang of the popular app – except for how to turn photos right-side up – Stefani shared several grabs of Shelton on stage, drawing hearts on one and writing “wow” on another.

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She praised her love, writing, “so talented,” and “good song” on other clips. The singer also played around with newlywed RaeLynn but caught flack from fans when she misspelled lyric as “liric.”

“Bad speller,” she captioned the following serious-faced Snap.

Stefani previously tuned into the fellow Voice coach’s Detroit concert just last month using FaceTime, proving her support for the singer knows no boundaries – even distance.