While studying abroad for almost 4 months, Dartmouth student Jake Gaba found a fun way to recap his trip

By Kiran Hefa
January 15, 2014 12:30 PM

Looking for the perfect Hump Day pick-me-up? Well, you just found it.

Dartmouth college student Jake Gaba spent nearly four months studying Mandarin in China, and to recap his trip, created a video montage of himself dancing in front of some of the country’s most beautiful sites over 100 days set to the music of Bruno Mars‘s “Treasure.”

“I knew I wanted to capture my experiences in a very special way, and I also knew that just taking photos of my travels wasn’t enough. I had to dance,” he writes in the description for his video on YouTube.

What follows is an energetic clip of Gaba’s visits to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and many more places. The entire video’s feel-good energy can even be summarized by Gaba’s choice of attire, a pair of brightly-colored shorts (available for purchase on Amazon).

For anyone experiencing some wanderlust, or just in need of a 3-minute respite from the day’s demands, put on your headphones and press play.

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