Grumpy Groundhog Bites Wisconsin Mayor's Ear

Jimmy the Groundhog nipped the mayor's ear when he leaned in to hear the "ornery" animal's prediction


Jimmy the Groundhog may have predicted an early spring for Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, but he certainly wasn’t feeling sunny: He bit the ear of the town’s mayor.

The nip occurred on a nippy Groundhog’s Day in a town called “The Official Groundhog Capital of the World,” when Mayor Jon Freund leaned in to hear Jimmy’s prognostication.

Jimmy was supposed to happily whisper that he hadn’t seen his shadow and that the citizens of Sun Prairie would be celebrating an early spring, but instead, he leaned in and bit Freund’s ear with his oversized chompers, as seen in a now viral video.

The mayor handled it with aplomb, despite gasps from the crowd when Jimmy lunged.

“He says that he didn’t see his shadow and so it is, uh, it will be an early spring,” Freund said, only slightly flustered, before giving the groundhog a friendly pat at the end. “Thank you, Jimmy.”

Jimmy could have been a little out of sorts as it was his breakfast time, according to

Perhaps, as the town’s Groundhog Central website states, Jimmy was nervous because it was his first time in front of a crowd.

Or perhaps the groundhog was grumpy due to the fact his handler of 13 years had recently announced his retirement, according to WMTV/NBC 15 in in Madison, Wisconsin.

Or, as the outlet reported, perhaps it’s just because Jimmy’s “ornery.”

According to the station, the mayor was okay, and Jimmy didn’t draw blood – though Jimmy’s handler said the mayor had gotten it wrong and that there would be six more weeks of winter.

Maybe everyone just needs a vacation somewhere warm.

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