July 08, 2015 10:45 AM

Move over Obama girl – there’s a new crop of singing political supporters in town.

Well-Strung, YouTube’s singing string quartet, has put their support behind 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – but not just through a carefully worded statement.

Set to the tune of Fountains of Wayne’s 2003 Grammy-nominated hit “Stacy’s Mom,” the foursome proudly champion “Chelsea’s Mom.”

In the music video, the band’s members sit at office desks adorned with Clinton promotional campaign signs, and sing about the Democrat and her 35-year-old daughter Chelsea Clinton.

“From sea to shining sea, she’ll fight for liberty. She’s sexy and she’s strong, I’m gonna vote for Chelsea’s mom,” Well-Strung says, as the play their instruments.

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The video even features some throwback photos of Clinton’s first time in office as First Lady while husband Bill Clinton was president.

During the clip, Well-Strung takes no mercy, ruthlessly (and lyrically) throwing other candidates under the bus.

“Anyone else would give us the blues,” they croon of the political hopefuls vying to be the future American president.

At the end of “Chelsea’s Mom” the quartet even marches down the street with a life-sized cardboard cutout of the pantsuit-wearing former Secretary of State.

“I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Chelsea’s mom,” they sing.

Chelsea even shared the video via Twitter, thanking the group for their supportive parody and saying “I couldn’t agree more!”

Shortly after, Clinton herself Tweeted out the video link, using the hashtag “#ChelseasMom2016.”

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