January 07, 2015 02:45 PM

Jilted lover Jordan Axani found a new Elizabeth Gallagher to travel the world with, so perhaps heartbroken groom John Whitbread can also find a new trip buddy to join him on the $3,000 Dominican Republic honeymoon he already paid for?

Whitbread of Leicestershire, England, had a rough holiday season. His fiancée, Amy, called off their Valentine’s Day wedding just a few days after Christmas, citing anxiety over getting married, reports Jezebel. The formerly engaged Englishman took the split fairly well, parting on good terms with Amy, but now he is left with a two-week, prepaid honeymoon trip, and no one to spend it with.

Enter eBay.

After finding out he could only get half his money back on the romantic vacation, the 32-year-old decided to auction off his ex-fiancée’s half of the vacation to any interested ladies on the Internet. At the end of the auction, the top bidder will be awarded a trip with Whitebread from Manchester, England, to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic from Feb. 16 – March 3.

Some restrictions apply. Bidders must be easygoing, athletic, female British citizens that also have a passport. In his eBay listing, Whitbread says he isn’t looking for anything “sinister,” just an opportunity to “make a friendship.” The dumped groom also claims to be “adventurous” and capable of “some sharp moves on that dance floor.” He even came up with a hashtag for the endeavor: #girlfromthepublictodominicanrepublic

Currently, the highest bid for Whitbread’s revamped honeymoon is over $1,800. Originally he planned to use the money from the auction for vacation expenses, but he now plans to donate the funds to charity.

If Whitbread seems like your type of bloke, and you are a British, passport-toting female singleton, then there are still eights days left to snag this odd offer.

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