October 22, 2014 09:20 AM

Animals seem to love GoPro cameras almost as much as humans do.

Turns out, that lovely, shiny thing has become a bear necessity.

British visual ecologist John Kitchin set up some GoPros on a remote bridge in Glendale Cove, British Columbia, above a river filled with salmon – making it a natural lure for the local bear population.

It’s such a popular spot that the bridge’s owner constructed an adjacent platform specifically for viewing bears – and that platform is where Kitchin set up for an interview with bear biologist Dr. Melanie Clapham.

While filming, the pair had to watch as a young grizzly hijacked one of Kitchin’s GoPros, removed from its case and took it on a bit of a tour before she wound up with several other grizzlies.

“No longer interested in us people, she grabbed the camera and walked off,” Kitchin told Global News. “She dropped it but came straight back, and then took it to the other side of the bridge to have a little chew on it.”

Miraculously, the camera survived, leaving us with this footage.

Perhaps Kitchin should start carrying around an old PC to help ward off bears.

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