The stars were out yesterday at a New York screening of Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Among the notables at the event, which benefited the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Stem Cell Transplant Research Fund, were current PEOPLE coverboy Harrison Ford, who showed up with his two children, and Emmy-winner Edie Falco, of “The Sopranos,” with her niece Alice, 4, and nephew Franklin, 10. Falco admitted to being a lifelong Seuss fan. “The Grinch, in particular, was a favorite.” The story didn’t scare her, either, she said. “But ‘The Wizard of Oz’ did.” Linda Fiorentino was also accompanied by her niece — who thought she was going to see “Rugrats Go to Paris.” In fact, the young girl got a bit scared when faced with the proposition of seeing the fearsome “Grinch.” Fiorentino, as it turns out had no such reservations. “I still am a big fan of Dr. Seuss,” the actress told PEOPLE. Besides, she said, she needed a break from watching the election coverage.