"I didn't realize I would pop up on other people's pages as a relative," Louganis says of registering his DNA on ancestry.com

By Patrick Gomez
December 08, 2017 06:08 PM

When Greg Louganis, 57, first submitted his DNA to ancestry.com in late 2016—and confirmed the identity of his birth father, Fouvale Lutu — the Olympic diver never thought he’d find his birth mother as well.

“I didn’t realize I would pop up on other people’s pages as a relative,” says Louganis, who was given up for adoption at birth.

But in May, a woman reached out via ancestry.com and told him, “I think you might be my aunt’s son.”

On Mother’s Day he called his mom, retired medical assistant Cynthia Harris, 73, for the first time. (She and Lutu had lost touch decades ago.)

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Louganis and Harris on Thanksgiving.
| Credit: courtesy Johnny Chaillot

After nearly 58 years apart, they spent Thanksgiving together — with Louganis’ husband Johnny Chaillot and Harris’ sister Nianne Fisch and niece Janice Soderberg — at Harris’s home.

From left: Chaillot, Haris and Louganis.
| Credit: Greg Louganis

Harris, who has another son and a daughter, shared photos from their pasts, but, “I’m about the present,” says Louganis, who plans to walk Harris down the aisle at her younger son John Forrest’s 2018 wedding. “My family’s tripled! It’s such an unexpected surprise.”