Things got off to a funky start!

By Maria Mercedes Lara
Updated January 31, 2016 08:00 PM

Jessie J got Grease: Live off to a rocking start on Sunday night when she opened the show with “Grease Is the Word.”

The British singer braved the rain (along with the rest of the cast – including the Pink Ladies!) for a spectacular opener that featured a screaming crowd, dancers and lots and lots of umbrellas. (Hey, even the real-life Grease kids would have had to deal with a little rain.)

Jessie J sang a cover of Frankie Valli’s 1978 hit from the original movie. The song was written specially for the film and was even nominated for a Golden Globe for best original song.

The song was used as an intro for the movie, but wasn’t featured as being sung by any of the cast members. However, Fox’s 2016 live version put a fun spin on the funky song.

And Jessie J wasn’t the only pop star to make a special appearance. Boyz II Men and Ana Gasteyer also joined in on the song. The R&B group is also appearing in the musical as the Teen Angels while Gasteyer is playing Principal McGee.