The Devious Maids actor says he'd like to have children in real life
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/Wireimage

He plays a devoted father on Lifetime’s spicy new series Devious Maids and now Grant Show wants to be called “dad” in real life.

The actor, who married actress Katherine LaNasa, 46, last August tells PEOPLE he and his wife of almost one year are busy trying to start a family.

“We are working on it – practice, practice, practice,” Show, 51, tells PEOPLE. “We’re both older, so it’s a little difficult, but we’re working on it.”

But unlike his sexually frustrated character Spence Westmore on Maids – who hasn’t had sex with his wife in months – the former Melrose Place heartthrob says he and LaNasa have no trouble keeping their marriage hot – both in and out of the bedroom.

“We’re like best friends,” says Show. “We just do things together all of the time. She’ll do things that are not necessarily things that she wants to do that I like to do – like she’ll go play golf with me – and then I’ll do things with her, like go shopping. And then you know, you just have to make sure to keep doing it,” he says.

“But also, doing it!” he adds with a laugh.

And in an industry that often blames breakups on busy schedules, Show says he and LaNasa make their relationship and time together a priority.

“We’ve made sure that we get together in the same city and in the same bed at least once every 10 days – no more than 10 days go by,” Show says. “So I’ll fly to see her, she’ll fly to see me – when I was doing Maids, we were shooting in Atlanta and she was doing Deception in New York, so I would just stay in New York and fly back to Atlanta, and work a couple of days and then fly back up. I must’ve made that trip about 16 times,” he says.

They also talk a lot!

“Most days it’s three or four times that we talk. We would never go a whole day without talking!” Show says.

With their one-year anniversary coming up on August 18, the couple is excited to celebrate.

“This will be our first one, so we’re definitely going to celebrate it!” he says. “I don’t know what we’re going to do yet, I really haven’t decided,” says Show.

“But the origami swan is not going to fly. I found that out already,” he says with a laugh.