Would any of your presents have been improved by being made of chocolate?

How was your Christmas? How were your presents?

Perhaps more importantly, would your opinion of any of those presents change if they were revealed to be made of chocolate? (Bear with us.)

Jordan Graham uploaded the above video to YouTube, which features his Grandma opening presents on Christmas Day. She’s not pleased with a box that seemingly contains an iPhone, protesting that she’s got a landline already and that she knows nothing about iPhones.

Sharp-eyed viewers may notice that the unwrapped package is clearly not an iPhone, but Grandma remains in the dark until she looks at it more intently and realizes that her new “iPhone” is actually a chocolate creation. “Oh, thank God,” she exclaims.

“[Now] I don’t have to worry about what the hell I’m supposed to do with it,” she says, laughing.

This is great and all, but a phone is kind of small potatoes. The first person to prank someone with a car made of chocolate will be immortalized in the Internet Hall of Fame. Oprah? [CELEBRITY_LINK” “” “” “0” ]?

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