Credit: John Medina/LP5/Getty

People were never not going to have feelings about the 2016 Grammy Award nominations, which Alicia Keys announced on Monday morning.

This was a big year for Taylor Swift, who nabbed seven nominations, as well as Kendrick Lamar, who racked up the most nominations with with 11.

As could be expected, there were several perceived snubs, with One Direction receiving no nomination for their eligible album, Four. (Directioners were also mad about the band not being nominated for Made in the A.M., which isn’t even eligible for a 2016 Grammy, as it was released after the eligibility period.)

Here’s just a sampling of all the feelings (and rivalries) currently blowing up Twitter.

Justin Bieber fans are on Twitter in full force, proud of the singer’s nomination of “Where R U Now” for best dance recording.

Drake fans can’t get over the fact that the rapper’s Meek Mill diss track got nominated.

Taylor Swift fans, in true Swiftie fashion, have lost all chill over the singer’s seven nominations.

Despite 1D’s new album Made in the A.M. not even being eligible for a Grammy, Directioners are pretty peeved that the band has never been recognized.

As could be expected, Beliebers and Directioners are … not agreeing on things.

There is actually just a lot of rage in general.

But at the end of the day, we should all take a moment to thank our haters.