June 28, 2002 10:45 AM

“Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer managed to help slam the brakes on production of MTV and World Wrestling Entertainment’s series “Tough Enough” in the tony beach community of Malibu, where he lives, Variety reports. The trade paper reports that Grammer, 47, and his neighbors objected to MTV’s request to tape the reality show at a home in the neighborhood over two months this summer, citing potential disruptions to their peace and quiet. The program tracks a group of young, buff bods as they train to become future WWE stars. (File under life imitating art: on “Frasier,” the main character often complains at his apartment building’s board meetings about interruptions to his lifestyle.) The residents took their concerns to their city council, which voted 5-0 to enforce a municipal code that restricts filming to 14 days. “After some very unconvincing assurances that our privacy would be respected, we took this action,” Grammer told Variety. As for the WWE, “We’re disappointed that the city of Malibu doesn’t recognize our experience in producing TV programming,” spokesman Jason Bernstein told the publication. “We’ve always showed respect for the areas and locales we’ve used.” Not enough, it seems. According to the Malibu Times, councilman Ken Kearsley had some snooty advice for the production: “They can go to 818 country (in L.A.’s non-chic San Fernando Valley) and fog the window,” he reportedly said. “They can put some sand in a parking lot and call it a beach.”

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