Gov. Jesse: Body By Lincoln

Gov. Jesse Ventura will not be ferried about in a luxury sedan like those wimpy other governors. The former pro wrestler has chosen a full-size luxury sport utility vehicle, the Lincoln Navigator, as his official car. He announced the choice Tuesday after visiting the assembly line in St. Paul MN. “I just felt I wanted something comfortable and practical,” he said, noting his state’s snowy winters. He said he needs the extra room because he’s bigger and taller than most, and joked that he wanted extra strong shocks “for running over reporters.” “They’ve assured me I can be accommodated,” he said with a smile.

  • In other news of the Guv, NBC has gotten on his bad side. Ventura’s upset that the network is producing a made-for-TV movie about him without his permission. “I am extremely disappointed that the NBC network has decided to produce an unauthorized movie about my life. It appears they have put ratings above accuracy and honesty,” the former pro wrestler said Wednesday. NBC had approached Ventura about the movie idea after his surprise election as governor, NBC affiliate KARE-TV reported. But Ventura said he wanted any movie to wait until after a book about him is released this summer. NBC decided to go ahead anyway, scheduling the broadcast for May 23.
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