Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Minnesota’s new governor-elect, can be seen in a new short film in which he plays a shady marriage counselor, AP reports. Writer/director Christopher Newberry wouldn’t say how much Ventura was paid for his role in “20/20 Vision,” which has already been submitted for the Sundance Film Festival. In one scene, Ventura’s character is shown slapping a woman who has come to him for counseling. A former professional wrestler, Ventura has appeared in three previous films: “Predator,” “The Running Man” and “Repossessed.” ‘BABE’ IN THE WOODS Universal Studios has canceled its star-studded benefit premiere in Los Angeles this weekend for “Babe: Pig in the City.” The sequel to the 1995 hit “Babe” is taking longer to complete than expected because of the number of special effects in it, sources told the AP. The studio insisted the sequel to the hero pig’s story will be ready for a Nov. 25 opening, in time for the critically important five-day Thanksgiving weekend.

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