A toymaker has to reconfigure a doll showing Schwarzenegger in a suit with a gun

By Stephen M. Silverman
August 03, 2004 08:00 AM

A toy manufacturer gets to keep Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head – but it has to ditch his gun.

The California governor and former Hollywood action star has settled a legal action against the Ohio Discount Merchandise company, which produced a $19.99 “bobblehead” doll of him in a suit carrying a gun.

According to the terms of the settlement, Ohio Discount Merchandise may continue to produce Arnold bobbing head dolls but without the gun, the Associated Press reports.

Part of the profits from the sale of the bobbing Arnold will go toward the governor’s Arnold All-Stars after-school charity program.

“We’re very happy with the settlement, and we look forward to the release of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger bobblehead doll,” said Todd Bosley, co-owner of Ohio Discount.

Schwarzenegger attorney Martin Singer said the governor was pleased with the outcome of the settlement, and an end to the unauthorized use of his image.

“And he’s happy to see the money going to his charity,” Singer added.

Meanwhile, Washington lobbyist John Edgell, who first came up with the idea of a bobbing Schwarzenegger doll, has now produced a prototype doll called Governor Girlie Man – in reference to the term recently used by Schwarzenegger to describe some Democratic lawmakers who were blocking the approval of his state budget.