The two recently single stars 'support each other' and relate to being parents to young kids

By Shruti Dhalwala
Updated March 06, 2010 03:55 PM
Credit: Landov

When Matthew Settle confirmed his separation from his wife, his Gossip Girl costar Kelly Rutherford could empathize, thanks to being in the middle of a divorce herself.

“He’s going through his own thing, I’m going through my own thing – we kind of just support each other,” she told reporters at this week’s Manhattan premiere of the Discovery Channel’s new nature film, Life.

And the biggest form of support? Bonding over their kids. “We both have small children that we really love, so we both just talk about them the whole time,” says Rutherford, who is mom to Hermes, 3, and Helena, 8 months. “Matthew was saying his daughter, [Aven Angelica, 1], just took her first steps the other day, and he was kind of teary-eyed, it was just beautiful.”

Rutherford, 41, is reserved when it comes to discussing whether she and Settle, 40, could be an off-screen couple. “[Dating] is not really my focus at the moment,” she says. “If it happens, great, but I have the two most beautiful little ones, a great job, and it’s really all-consuming.”

And Rutherford’s 3-year-old is definitely keeping her on her toes. “The other day my son had had way too many M&Ms, and I said. ‘Alright, now that’s enough.’ And he says, ‘Mommy, just a few more.’ And I go, ‘Okay, how about just three more because you’re three? He says, ‘No, Mommy, I want as many as you are old!’

“I was like, ‘Honey, they don’t make a packet of M&Ms big enough!’ ”