The sweater has survived since 1954

Like a lot of families, the Goses of Brownsburg, Indiana, have special traditions. Slightly more noteworthy is that one of their traditions concerns school picture day, and even more noteworthy is the fact that it’s a tradition that spans 61 years.

The Goses are very partial to a certain gray sweater first worn by 7-year-old Brady Gose’s great-uncle in 1954. That sweater was eventually passed on to Brady’s grandfather four years later, and at some point, it became a tradition for the Gose family boys to wear the sweater during their first grade picture day photos.

Chuck Gose explained to ABC News: “As far as I know, my grandma just purchased it in 1954 and then had my dad and his two brothers all wear it for their first grade picture day as a novelty.”

“My father passed away in 1999 before I was married and had children, so for me, this is a chance for my dad to live on through this tradition,” Gose continued. “It’s also a chance for Brady to learn more about the grandfather he never got to know. When I handed it to him, he naturally asked a lot of questions about his grandpa. The two of them are actually pretty similar. They’re both quite the jokester.”

Here’s to many more pictures with that sweater. Hope they’re dry-cleaning it.