Gore in the P.M.

There’s something about candidates and late night TV shows. First, Hillary Rodham Clinton visited David Letterman. Then, John McCain popped up on “The Tonight Show.” Thursday night, Al Gore showed up on “Tonight,” trading quips with host Jay Leno. “I have some advice for you on your part of the show,” the legendarily wooden Vice President told Leno. “I think you ought to loosen up a little bit, maybe think about losing the coat and tie for a while.” Gore remained stiff as ever throughout most of the taping but did draw some enthusiasm from the audience, especially when he said that by now most people are tired of the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal. Leno also managed to work the Veep into his opening monologue. Discussing the hacking of several popular Internet sites by vandals this week, Leno said computer hackers had even managed to “shut down Al Gore for two hours.”

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