By Diana Pearl
Updated July 09, 2015 12:00 PM
Credit: Kyle Terada/Landov

Shark attacks: They’re not just something out of Jaws anymore.

Over the past few weeks, there have been at least eight shark attacks along the North Carolina coast. And in the wake of such scares, Masters champion Jordan Spieth is coming forward with a scary shark story of his own.

His encounter occurred a bit further south, while he was vacationing in the Bahamas. On a boat with friends and a guide, he was fishing when someone in his group caught a large tuna. However, the fish also caught the attention of a group of sharks. Spieth says he spent the next two and a half hours wrestling with a shark, trying to rein in the fish from his position on the boat.

“I had to take a break,” he said at a press conference at the John Deere Classic earlier this week. “My arm couldn’t move anymore. I couldn’t move my arm. It was, like, shaking when I held it up.”

In the end, Spieth and the ship’s captain pulled up a 300-lb., 12-ft.-long blacktip shark – no tuna in sight. Of course, they were quick to let it go.

While the experience has made him forever wary of sharks, Spieth admits that it hasn’t turned him off to one very popular shark phenomenon.

“I’m very, very much afraid of sharks,” he said. “I don’t like them. They’re not cool. I do like Shark Week, though. I really enjoy Shark Week.”