GoldieBlox is a toy company trying to offer a wider range of toys for young girls, and this amazing video uses a Rube Goldberg machine and Beastie Boys to help

By Alex Heigl
Updated November 20, 2013 08:00 AM
Credit: GoldieBlox/Youtube

GoldieBlox is a toy company founded by Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer who’s not impressed with the current offerings in the girl’s toy aisle. So she decided to do something about it.

That “something” involved a) launching GoldieBlox, an interactive book series and construction set starring Goldie, a young girl inventor; and b) making this awesome ad, in which three young girls create an incredible Rube Goldberg machine to change the channel on a television set showing a typical “girl toy” commercial.

The machine is definitely amazing, but our favorite part of the ad might be its script-flipping inversion of the Beastie Boys’ insanely-catchy-if-kind-of-noxious song “Girls,” rewritten with some incisively feminist lyrics and sung by one of the video’s stars, Raven.

“It’s time to change / We deserve to see a range,” Raven sings. “‘Cause all our toys look just the same / and we would like to use our brains.” Amen.