Goldie Hawn's Woodland Triumph

Goldie Hawn isn’t laughing, and an agency of the U.S. Government is responding. It started when the U.S. Bureau of Land Management dubbed a sale of 100 acres of precious timber land the “Goldie Fawn” sale. Environmentalists are saying that, by any name, the government’s proposal to put the land into private hands threatens the drinking water and a salmon spawning habitat in creeks near the parcel. “I must insist that you desist from using my name (in) association with such a destructive proposal,” Hawn said in a letter she fired off to the Bureau earlier this month. While not anti-logging per se, a rep for Hawn told the Associated Press that the star “doesn’t want to see beautiful timber land destroyed in her name.” Responded Bob Hershey, a natural resource staff administrator at the BLM’s Salem, Ore., office: “If it offends her, we can change the name. It’s not a big deal.”

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