April 20, 2016 01:25 AM

Goldie Hawn took it all the way back for her daughter, Kate Hudson‘s birthday.

On Tuesday, the actress shared a black and white throwback photo of Hudson as a baby, in celebration of her only daughter turning 37 today.

“Happy birthday my only girl! Thank you for coming though (sic) me to become YOU!” Hawn, 70 captioned the pic on Instagram. “A shining light full of joy. I love you #blessingsmydaughter.”

In a move just as adorable as the photo, Hudson commented on her mother’s post saying, “Ah mama I love u.”

Hawn and Hudson share a close relationship, and the younger actress even told PEOPLE a few years back that, her mom is her hero.

“My [role model is] easy, mine’s my mom. She’s kind of awesome,” Hudson said before adding that she also looks up to her own children. “My children are my role models, too. I think you learn a lot from your kids – the purity and the innocence of how they attack things and hot they communicate is inspirational.”

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