It's a tale that involves car problems, hitchhiking and maybe even love

By Mark Gray
March 31, 2017 11:16 AM
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

On Thursday, Goldie Hawn stood on stage in Las Vegas accepting the Icon award at CinemaCon, but it was one hell of a trek to get there. Literally.

Hawn, who stars alongside Amy Schumer in the upcoming film Snatched, actually worked in Sin City in 1966 as a dancer, having never been to Vegas prior to that. And, getting to Vegas at the time was an adventure worthy of a film, in and of itself.

It’s a tale that involves car problems, hitchhiking and maybe even love.

“I hadn’t been in L.A. for more than two months, but I got a job at the Desert Inn. I was a dancer, that’s how I made my money,” she said on stage. “So, I bought a car, a ’59 Chevy. It was a convertible but it didn’t work very well.”

On the drive, she got a flat tire.

“I was stuck. The only thing I had was a poodle that I bought for $200 and left me with $50 when I came from New York to L.A. So it was me and my dog. I got on the back of my car and I hailed down someone and a guy stopped and I said I had a flat tire,” she said.

The man helped her, and then, after all that, she asked for directions to Vegas.

“I start driving and I see the name ‘Death Valley’ and I’m looking around, there’s no moon,” she said. “I was really scared, and so I picked up a hitchhiker, and I know it’s crazy and I know I took a chance. I was little scared, but I was more scared of being alone, right? ”

In stepped a man in uniform, a Green Beret, who had just fought in the Vietnam War.

“I had one of the great experiences with this man who made me feel safe and calm and happy and emotional,” she said. “I dropped him off at his drop-off spot and we had a Sunday together and then he told me how to get to Vegas because I was lost again.”

She stayed in Vegas for 3 1/2 months.

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“So now I flashed back to all these years later and I’m actually accepting an Icon award,” she said. “This was a journey that taught me adversity and that you can’t always go it alone. There are people if you’re open and trusting who can actually help you get to where you need to go.”

Hawn’s new comedy with Schumer, Snatched, opens in theaters May 12.