It was the flub that took Twitter by storm
Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty

The Golden Globes nominations are here – and so is an awkward Twitter flub.

When tweeters hopped over to the Golden Globes’ Twitter page this morning, something was off – America Ferrera stood on stage, but it was Gina Rodriguez who was tagged in the Globes’ tweets.

If you need a refresher, this is America Ferrera, star of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Ugly Betty and all-around national treasure.

And this is Gina Rodriguez, Golden Globe winner (and a nominee this year!), Jane the Virgin star and apple of the world’s eye.

Both are TV darlings, Latina American and really, just all around human gems.

So sure, they have some similarities, but not surprisingly, the general Twitter public was not thrilled with the Globes’ mistake. Especially after it happened twice.

In fact, some were a bit more blunt.

And really told it like it is.

The Globes’ tweets have since been deleted, but as the Internet has taught us, screenshots last forever.