'Godzilla' Returns

Although “Godzilla” was widely perceived as a disappointment at the summer box office, the big-budget film ended up grossing nearly $400 million worldwide and stirring up enough nostalgia in Japan to warrant at least one more Godzilla movie — maybe two. Toho Co. Ltd. of Japan plans to start filming “Godzilla Millennium” in April for a December 1999 release, featuring a monster that most likely will look more like the guy-in-a-rubber-suit model (seen in 22 Japanese films since 1954) than the sleek computer-generated lizard of the American version. Meanwhile, Centropolis Entertainment, the production company that created last summer’s “Godzilla,” intends to make a sequel for Sony’s film arm Columbia-TriStar.

  • American audiences may not be able to see “Godzilla Millennium,” at least not immediately. Toho doesn’t hold the distribution rights for a new Godzilla movie outside Japan, while Sony has the non-Japanese, worldwide Godzilla rights, sources say. A battle of the two Godzillas?
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