"I would love the opportunity to chat with the first lady," GloZell tells PEOPLE after her on-camera flub with POTUS

By Jacqueline Andriakos
January 24, 2015 09:45 AM
Courtesy YouTube

Even the “Queen of YouTube” can get a little tongue-tied.

Recognizable by her green lips and infamous whacky videos, YouTube star GloZell Green got the chance to interview President Barack Obama at the White House on Tuesday, but made one hilarious, viral error.

“One for your first wife,” Green said, as she handed a tube of her famous sparkly green lipstick to the president to pass along to first lady Michelle Obama.

“My first wife?” Obama joked. “Do you know something I don’t?”

Green proceeded to throw her hands to her head, profusely apologizing for the verbal mishap. But the president was on-board with the accident and insisted he was only teasing.

“Thank goodness he’s got a sense of humor,” Green, 52, tells PEOPLE. “You could see the faces of everybody around me and it was pure terror. Fortunately, President Barack Obama was very kind and helped me out a bit.”

The YouTube sensation says she has no problem laughing it off in typical “GloZell-style.” But if given the opportunity, she would love to the chance to apologize in person to the first wife – erm – lady!

“I would tell her that from now on I say it really slowly and carefully so I always get it right. First Lady! First Lady! First Lady!” Green jokes. “And I would love for her to be wearing the green lipstick so I definitely know that we’re cool!”

Green was one of three YouTube channel personalities selected for the White House special, along with beauty vlogger Bethany Mota and Hank Green of vlogbrothers. The 46-minute show aired live on the White House blog.

But how did the Internet sensation that once went viral for “My Push Up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man” score a sit-down interview with POTUS? They emailed her!

“At first I didn’t believe it,” Green says, who prepared by Tweeting and posting on her blog about the interview and #YouTubeasksObama hashtag to gather fan questions.

Even while discussing controversial topics like same-sex marriage and racial profiling with Obama, the notorious funnygirl didn’t let the nerves sink in.

“At first I wondered if I should have been more reporter-like, but then I remembered that they wanted me. They trusted me. I don’t know how to be anyone else,” Green says.