By Julia Emmanuele
Updated March 09, 2016 12:25 PM
Source: Awestruck/Youtube

Are you ready? Are you? Good, because GloZell Green has some really exciting news to share with you.

Specifically, the YouTube superstar and comedian can barely contain her excitement over the fact that she and husband Kevin Simon – who are expecting their first child, thanks to surrogate Shawna Johnson – finally know the gender of baby GloZell, and are sharing the news in an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of her show, Glo All In.

Drumroll please …

That’s right: GloZell’s having a girl, she reveals to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m calling her #BossLady. I haven t even met her, but it s pretty clear that she s already running the show,” she tells PEOPLE about her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. “I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m HAVING A GIRL!!! Baby weaves and green lipstick here we come!”

And based on the adorable sonogram Green shared with PEOPLE, it’s clear to see that this tiny #BossLady is ready to live up to her title.

(We assume it’s only a matter of time before the green lipstick becomes clearly visible as well.)

Green has been chronicling her journey toward motherhood on her docuseries, Glo All In (airing on the Awestruck Network), where she will show the exact moment she discovered that she and Simon will be having a baby girl.

In the meantime, Green, her husband and Johnson have been preparing for baby’s arrival in a very crucial way: by ensuring that Baby Green can hear her mama’s videos while in the womb.

“A lot of bonding happens in those first nine months,” Green told PEOPLE back in December, when she first revealed that she was going to be a mother.

“We are over the moon,” she said. “To say, ‘What Shawna is doing for us is the greatest gift,’ is an understatement. She truly is an angel in our lives, and we will be forever grateful to her for her generosity toward us.”

To see the full reveal, Check out the full episode Glo All In on the Awestruck channel on go90.